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Consulting and Audit



Our developers and consulting staff, with over three year proven working experience, allows us to provide your organization with quality consulting services covering your organization’s needs in all IT areas: Solution providers, technology trends and risks.

Our team is specialized in providing technical solutions for web driven applications, System Integration, middleware and mobile Applications (iOS, Android and Windows Phone).



Software development is a complicated process that should not be taken lightly. Too often we have come across with organizations whose everyday work is dependant of a chaotic IS, since it was constructed in a chaotic manner and with lack of planning .

When we want to set up a software solution, it’s essential to assure that the development process is going to follow standard proceedings, well documented, planned, with a risk analysis and quality assurance. The architectural design and the technology used should adapt to the current and future needs of the organization.

JableSoft can help you to determine the viability and risks of a development process or of the adoption of a third party tool to cover your organization’s IT needs. We can also supervise the whole development process (analysis, design, implementation, tests and maintenance) to assure a successful outcome.

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