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It’s hard and costly for a normal company to maintain a full IT department on their pay-roll. This is one of the main reasons why every day more and more companies are turning to outsourcing to cover their IT needs. JableSoft resources can be integrated in the department of your company and work as a member, both to cover peak workloads and to provide specific expertise.

The key benefits are:

1. Cost savings, since you benefit from a economies of scale on IT resources and know-how that we can offer you.

2. Outsourcing allows your organization to focus on your business, without worrying on how your Information System is implemented.

3. Access to qualified personal. We provide you with the staff with the right skills in the right moment. In case of a work peak or other special situation, we can increase the staff in number or skills dedicated to your project.

4. Access to technology. At JableSoft we invest a great deal of our resources in research. This investment is passed on directly to your company, allowing you to be informed of the latest trends and available tools to cover your IT needs.

5. Flexibility. Many organizations find that they support high fixed costs to cover an unbalanced workload. Maintaining the level of equipment and human resources required to cover workload peaks can leave an organization with idle resources for a significant proportion of time

6. Project control. Formalizing service delivery by means of a contract brings greater control over the project. A well written contract can clarify responsibilities and sharpen management focus on key deliverables at project, operational and tactical levels, as well as a greater focus on service and quality.

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